a.     Registration Form (Please list someone other than yourself or your spouse who will be able to pick up your child),

b.      PVAC - 3 (immunization record) and a Health Evaluation signed by a pediatrician or medical authority with registration paper work. (Originals)

c.     Child's Background Information Form: This form contains information about your child's habits, routine, fears, and other family notations, and allergies.

d.     Registration Fee

e.     Permission slip form with Power of Attorney to authorize any and all medical and hospital care and treatment necessary by a licensed physician, at any hospital, including transportation to and from the Child Development Center, available for the health and well being of the child.

f.      Emergency contact:  The names of (at least) five people to be contacted in case of an emergency if you are not available.

g.     Original birth certificate (to certify the copy)

h.    Copy of the Social Security card

i.      Copy of the Health Insurance card

j.       Payment Responsibility Form

k.     Parents Handbook – AGREEMENT SIGNED

l.      Child’s behavior evaluation from previous school