The Rainforest Kids Experience

Rainforest Kids Child Development Center was built by the General Services Administration (GSA) in 2002, mainly to serve the needs of federal families, now we also welcome community families. We are located in Hato Rey, within the Federal Office Building premises. More than just a child development center, our program is a valuable experience that increases connections in our community ensuring optimal development and learning for all, to create a School Family.


We affirm that the child, in its essence, is a unique being. Our responsive and caring teachers will provide meaningful learning opportunities based on the interests of the children, through play and kinesthetic experiences to develop their maximum potential holistically. We believe that language blends the lines of diversity. Through a bilingualism immersion experience we will open a new perspective of the world to our children. With our community we build a founded connection based on respect, compassion, empathy, and open communication to create our Rainforest Kids Community


"Sowing the seeds of curiosity, to cultivate the learning that will be the success of tomorrow."


Our mission is to Nurture and encourage every child to reach confidence on their abilities valuing their individuality. Children will be able to accomplish self-regulation, problem-solving skills, and full acquisition of independence, to address the challenges of the learning experiences.


1.Provide children a predictable and flexible environment where they feel safe and secure to participate actively. Having experiences based on their interests that engage their curiosity by exploring, investigating, and manipulating, using their spontaneous imagination.

2. Provide opportunities to our team members to be at the forefront of education to support children with the more innovative educational systems and methods.

3. Fostering our families by bringing unique support and high-quality service. Establish an effective, respectful, and open communication with families to work as a team to enrich the child’s development.